Be a wise mom, Invest early

  • As mom, we would like to plan things ahead especially on the education of our kids. Being prepared is something that we must do so as not to experience what we had before i.e. some of us would experience working to support our education and other school needs. With the increasing tuition and inflation rate, most likely we could not afford our kids to get into college not unless we prepared ahead.
  • It is then recommended that we invest early. Invest on instruments that can beat inflation rate. And not be part of those percentage where most Filipino families that can’t afford to send their kids to college. Read More …

    All Home in Cagayan de Oro City

    All Home, the fastest rising home depot shopping solution, has just opened it’s 19th store in Mindanao last July 31, 2018. This is only in the Philippines which gives you a one stop shop for your home needs where most moms like us adores. Why? Because time for us is precious. We have everything scheduled from the time we wake up to when we drift to dreamland.

    As moms like me, I need to shop where everything I need is their i.e. from furnitures, appliances, kitchen wares, bedroom needs, all toys and least we not forget our husband, the all sports. Read More …

    Piolo Pascual: Keeping His Promises

    Relationships are built on promises: the promise to love, to care, to secure, to protect, and to provide. This is something that Piolo Pascual knows all too well, committed as he is to the promises he has made to his family as a son, a sibling, and a father.

    Piolo Pascual Sunlife Promises

    But when financial troubles arise, bringing such promises to life becomes a challenge.

    “Like any other person, I want to give my family the best life possible. I am a man of my word, that’s why I work hard and seize every opportunity that comes my way,” Piolo said. “But more than just earning money, it’s how you manage your finances that makes a difference. Fortunately, I have the guidance and help of one very special lady: my very own sister, Chiqui Pascual-Gonzales, who also happens to be my Sun Life Advisor.”

    Read More …