Life’s Learning

I grew up in a family of 5 where I am the youngest among my sisters. It is like any typical families where we, my sisters and I, were given chores, disciplined, and taught to be independent by our parents. I remember that we even have scheduling or we take turns on who will cook rice, do the dishes, the washing and other household chores. We even fought about the schedules if not properly followed. However, I sometimes felt cheated especially when my eldest sister has her exam date. This is because I will be doing all her chores. Well, the perks of being the youngest.  Read More …

Up on Stage

How does one develop oral business communication skills?

A good oral communication skills will enable you to effectively express you ideas in concise and accurate manner. This will then lead to a successful career and in life.

The dynamics of having a oral communication is that the substance of your presentation should be relevant to your audience and its goal. Having self awareness is your starting point of a good oral communication i.e. you can put required efforts to improve your weaknesses and hone your strengths.  Read More …

Listen to them talk

Listening is important in the workplace because it is the key to effective working relationships among employees, and between management and staff. Listening also impacts a company’s interaction with customers and other businesses.

A successful communication is a two way street. With good communication skills you will likely to succeed in business and life. Without a good communication skills, a message can turn into error, misunderstanding, frustration and even disaster. Communication is the process where we try to as clearly and accurately express the exchanges of information between individuals or groups of people. This way we can convey our thoughts, intentions and objectives effectively.  Read More …

Writing Tips: WRITE, RE-WRITE

“There are many reasons to have a masters degree, like getting a better-paying job in the future. The cost of masters education is increasing and making it difficult for some students to get a masters degree nowadays. It’s important to have a masters degree.”

How and why you can improve the above passage?  Read More …

Bad News is Good News

When news are bad, it is good but when news are good, it’s great!

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All companies experience corporate crisis but how they react with these crisis are crucial. It is then important on how well a company should manage the communication of the inevitable crisis. Other companies have a public relations department who handles or manages the reputation of the company. Read More …

The Direction

Creating and having a vision, mission is important. Why?

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Vision and mission is important for strategic direction. These are use to remind us of why we are striving or why a company exists (if you have business). Once we reached that direction, we can finally say that we succeed. This is then why vision and mission changes over time. Read More …

Fail to plan, plan to fail

By failing to prepare, you are preparing to fail. – Benjamin Franklin

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A famous quote from Benjamin Franklin, the father of time management. This quote caught me because nowadays I’ve learned how important and omnipresent planning is. Whether it can be a list of activities to be done during your weekends, in its sense I am already planning.

The quote has different interpretations but for me the quote is saying that if I don’t plan I would likely succeed to fail. Though it is not saying that if I already do have a plan, I would not fail but instead it would lead me to towards my goals or objectives.


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