If you watch the fight of Manny Pacquiao against Timothy Bradley you can say that Pacquiao will win this fight. From round 1 to round 9 pacquiao scores those rounds and from round 1-12 Bradley only score in round 10. I wonder why the judges gave their decisions to bradley to become the new champion. Even the kids will know who win the fight and kids never lie. Even the top hollywood stars knows who win that fight. Because of this lots of Pacquiao fans question WHY? and because of this the #RIPBoxing was trend to twitter and it shows also that not only in the government have corruption but in boxing sports also. The question came out to the one of the twitter user

I wonder how much money was lost over this match. Heads are going to roll soon. Some1 going down 4 this. U don’t mess with money

some say’s

This proves Money Over Everything… I mean Money “Mayweather Over Everything. Its a money currupt world we live in.

Have you notice when Bradley was interviewed Bradley was pretty quick to say a specific date for a rematch, everything was a setup. Do you agree with me? There’s a big fact secret of this game that’s why Manny defeat. So disappointing. Make your decision who win the fight.

Judges trick the audience and the boxing fans. In the end #MannyPacquiaoIsStillTheWorldsBestBoxer is treading #1 in the whole world. So it means Pacquiao win that fight. I think this is my last of watching the boxing sports. Buenas diyas, adyos boxing.