• Arnell Ignacio slams Jim Paredes for the supposed ‘nasty’ bullying of the pro-Duterte youths at EDSA
  • He also challenged the former APO Hiking Society singer to a debate
  • Ignacio is the latest personality to criticize and challenge Paredes after lawyer Bruce River

Pick someone your size! This was Arnell Ignacio’s message to Jim Paredes who was lambasted on social media for supposedly bullying ang berating pro-Duterte youth protesters at the 31st commemoration of the EDSA People Power on Saturday, February 25.

In the video that has gone viral on social media, Paredes can be seen confronting seven members of Duterte Youth who went to the event supposedly to only express their support for the incumbent President and his war on drugs campaign.

However, their presence caused tension, prompting pro-EDSA rallyist to ask them to leave as they were supposedly disrupting the event.

A brief scuffle also ensued after Paredes scolded the youth and unleashes a flurry of insults against them.

This prompted several personalities to slam Paredes for allegedly bullying the pro-Duterte protesters. Among those who criticized and even challenged the former APO singer to a debate are lawyer Bruce Rivera and actress Elizabeth Oropesa.

Another pro-Duterte celebrity who recently dared Paredes to face him instead is Arnell Ignacio.

In the short video message, he said that what the veteran singer did was ‘nasty’.

“Shouting at those kids, who were just standing there and holding on to a tarpaulin stating their beliefs. EDSA is no exclusivity,” Ignacio said.

“Why don’t you take somebody who will answer you back? Si Bruce Rivera, o kaya ako (or me)? Let’s do this!” he added.