Since 1521, we never have a President coming from Mindanao, the only national leader we have in Mindanao is during the time of Vice President Emmanuel Pelaez who was born in Medina Misamis Oriental and became the 7th Vice President of the Philippines and almost become the President of the Philippines.

It’s Time For Mindanao

In 1965 he left the ruling Liberal Party for the Nacionalista Party hoping that he will be the standard bearer in the 1965 presidential contest against Macapagal but he was defeated in the nomination process by Senate President Ferdinand Marcos.

This time, were hoping that the next President of the Republic of the Philippines will be in the Land of Promise Mindanao. Since 1521, the Mindanao is not well represented and all these years Mindanao was leave behind by the other places in the Philippines.

It was believed that the Treaty of Paris excluded Mindanao from the sale of Spain to America. Manuel Quezon through tact and political skills was able to bring Mindanao to the Philippine Republic with his block voting and electing Senators by Region. Today, 2016, we have unequal representation in the House of Representatives and out of 24 Senators we only have 2 Senators from Mindanao. It’s not fair representation in a Democratic and Republican Government. It is the highest form of repression and oppression of a highly centralized government giving more voice to Imperial Manila and none to those in the periphery.

Let’s help and support the person who has guts coming from Mindanao who is willing to end the corruption and criminality in our country. Let’s help make this history happen that the 14th President of the Philippines is from the land of promise Mindanao.