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REGIONAL Director Jerome Dela Rosa will soon be relieved from his post at the Department of Public Works and Highways in Northern Mindanao (DPWH-X) anytime this week.

Cagayan de Oro City Mayor Vicente Y. Emano said he earlier called Dela Rosa to voluntarily leave the city after the police discovered several plots to kill the DPWH official.

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Emano said a source had called him about Dela Rosa’s impending departure from the region. He did not divulge the identity of his source.

The mayor however said the news is a welcome development because Dela Rosa’s alleged “bad reputation” would only tarnish the image of the city.

Dela Rosa became an item following the ambush of his Assistant Regional Director Mauro D. Bravo. Later, police said Dela Rosa was actually the “main target” and not Bravo.

The attempts on Dela Rosa’s life was known after police arrested in a shootout three men who admitted they had been hired to kill the DPWH official.

They said Bravo’s case had been a mistaken identity. The incident led the death of Bravo’s driver, Avaise Sombreo.

Emano’s claim on Dela Rosa’s impending exit came less than a month after DPWH-X spokesperson Marichu N. Lago said they were expecting “reorganization” anytime.

But Lago said the revamp has been expected with the entry of a new leadership in Malacañang, and not a result of the allegations against Dela Rosa.

Emano had earlier claimed that the plot against Dela Rosa’s life was tied to the juice contracts within the agency.

Dela Rosa and Bravo had earlier denied wrongdoing in the allocation of DPWH’s contracts in Northern Mindanao after a group of contractors complained that the bulk of the projects in the region were being given to a favored few.