President Duterte’s supporters are so loyal to him that they would do anything just to defend him from people who continue to question him. Most people consider his way of ruling the country as unorthodox, to say the least, which his supporters strongly disagree to.
In fact, his supporters are highly active on social media and are popular for slamming the president’s bashers.
Recently, columnist Jojo Robles posted on his Facebook account what Rappler’s CEO Maria Ressa said in an interview in Vancouver.
According to Robles, who is a columnist at Manila Standard, his friend living in Vancouver heard Maria Ressa’s interview in a local radio station there.
His unnamed friend told him that Maria Ressa claimed there were at least 90 Duterte supporters who wanted to rape her per hour (NOTE: post corrected. The informant changed the detail from ‘per minute’ to ‘per hour’ as a correction.).

The post added that Maria Ressa expressed how difficult it is to be anti-Duterte in a pro-Duterte country.
The CEO also recounted how detained Sen. Leila de Lima was stripped of her dignity through online means.
Ressa also singled out Mocha Uson’s followers to have sent the rape threats directly to her.
Meanwhile, Duterte supporters said that Maria Ressa’s claims were impossible and that they would never do such a thing.
As of the moment, Maria Ressa hasn’t given any comment yet regarding the alleged post from Robles.