This song was created by Latigo Rapper a very simple song with the tune of (hahahahasula song) about the injury to Kawhi Leonard which obviously caused the San Antonio Spurs to lose against the Golden State Warriors in game 1 of the NBA Western Conference Finals at the Golden State Warriors home court. It is translated it into Tagalog and English translation.


If you saw the game 1 of GSW vs SAS, Spurs lead by 26 points before Kawhi Leonard was injured. Near the end of the second quarter of game 1, Kawhi Leonard was accidentally stepped the foot of Zaza Pachulia when he tries to defend Kawhi to take the shot before shot clock end. Kawhi Leonard releases the ball while Zaza Pachulia defends him but Zaza gets another step which the reason why kawhi stepped the foot of Zaza during the landing.

Kawhi played some minutes in the 3rd quarter but could not play hard while Golden State Warriors enjoyed the game and trying to catch that big lead of Spurs. At the fourth quarter, Kawhi total seat and did not play watching his teammates on the floor while golden state slowly gains the lead of game 1. With that game, Stephen Curry scored 40 points while Kevin Durant scores 36 points and Golden State Warriors take the game 1 in 111-113. GSW is now lead the series 1-0. Kawhi Leonard did not play in game 2 and he was replaced by Jonathan Simmons.