Bad News is Good News

When news are bad, it is good but when news are good, it’s great!

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All companies experience corporate crisis but how they react with these crisis are crucial. It is then important on how well a company should manage the communication of the inevitable crisis. Other companies have a public relations department who handles or manages the reputation of the company.

Often companies uses information sharing through their own website and social media accounts like Facebook.  The problem though with these social media accounts is that you’ll be bash negatively in the face of the public without due diligence. One company had to shut off or deactivate their social media accounts because of the surge of negative feedback or bashing.

We can take these forms of communications effectively through immediate reply or actively replying to their concerns, queries and even complaints; and be able to do postings of notices ahead. Their should be someone in the company who focuses on addressing the concerns of their customers. These medium of communication are quiet effective (if managed properly) and less costly as compared to traditional media.

Also, if within the company the information are shared through policies and rules.

The effect of communications if not handled well could severely damaged the company’s reputation and credibility with the public. Hence, the company should know how take this crisis positively and turn it into an opportunity.

Bad news is bad news however it gives you opportunity to do better and be better.

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