Listen to them talk

Listening is important in the workplace because it is the key to effective working relationships among employees, and between management and staff. Listening also impacts a company’s interaction with customers and other businesses.

A successful communication is a two way street. With good communication skills you will likely to succeed in business and life. Without a good communication skills, a message can turn into error, misunderstanding, frustration and even disaster. Communication is the process where we try to as clearly and accurately express the exchanges of information between individuals or groups of people. This way we can convey our thoughts, intentions and objectives effectively. 

Critical thinking is one of the most valued skillset in the new decade 2020. This skill involves logic and reasoning. It will be used to interrogate issue or a problem, come up with various solutions and the cause and effect of each approach.

As the job market is rapidly changing with the advent of new technologies and automation (replacing repetitive tasks), a critical thinking skill cannot be outdated. Why? This is because critical thinking skills cannot be automated. The best job offers will likely go to those who have solid analytic and interactive abilities.

Watching interviews and how it is conducted is a way of honing your critical thinking skills. This way you could argue or agree on the interviewees’ reasoning and logic.

See video below:

The interview segment was impressive. Their ideas on the topic of the three interviewee were connected. They felt comfortable not just a simple question and answer but bringing out their ideas on the topic. I believe they have done research as they know well of the subject, the issues and know what the public would want to hear if they could sit down with them on the subject matter.

The interviewer also stick with the agenda i.e. not the their flow but the flow of their conversation.

The subject was that people of America shouldn’t be able to buy guns easily just like how they can’t buy cigarettes or alcohol at 18 years old. There should be a full threat and security assessment in every school because this tragedy happened too long and too many instances. It should already be addressed. They should worked out mult-faceted solutions and this cannot be done with a single solution. Aside from background checks and mental health, the cultural problem should be addressed. This is because we lost sense of connection with one another, respect with fellow students and classmates. And not seeing what surrounds them because we were too engrossed with our cellphones.

“One cannot take the guns away, but we can take evil”.


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