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How does one develop oral business communication skills?

A good oral communication skills will enable you to effectively express you ideas in concise and accurate manner. This will then lead to a successful career and in life.

The dynamics of having a oral communication is that the substance of your presentation should be relevant to your audience and its goal. Having self awareness is your starting point of a good oral communication i.e. you can put required efforts to improve your weaknesses and hone your strengths. 

Another vital aspect is having confidence. Knowing your topic is not adequate if you lack confidence. And the simplicity of your words would bring clarity to the subject. Also, awareness of your audience is another important tool in good communication i.e. by gauging the impact through observing body language and feedback. With this, you may be able to adjust your approach accordingly.

Your tone carries a lot of weight in the delivery of your message. You can do voice modulation to emphasise key points and retain the attention of your audience. Also, you can engaged your audience thru a confident tone otherwise it can be off-putting.

As you speak, your body language should be checked. You should be able to adopt to stable and confident posture, make necessary gestures and establish eye contact with your audience.

When you are able to hone these dynamics and is attuned to the audience, you would indeed make a smooth transition from a tentative speaker to an effective one.

She started with a story of how she leads the research group at MIT.She presented well her speech as she it started with a story that brings the issue and then a solution hence a well constructed message.Her confidence is emitting and have a positive aura. She had her smile on with modulated tone of voice pointing key points while telling the stories.

The speaker’s introduction may be a bit dragging as she started on the story of her being an intern in NASA. And her curiosity which started the idea on how she can help improve life through these six space technologies.

She did well with her body language and how she establish eye contact with her audience. She engaged also the audience by taking a pause and ask questions if they are ready before she started exploring those space technologies. While she explains she uses simple words, examples and infographics that would help her audience understand those technical terms.

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