Life’s Learning

I grew up in a family of 5 where I am the youngest among my sisters. It is like any typical families where we, my sisters and I, were given chores, disciplined, and taught to be independent by our parents. I remember that we even have scheduling or we take turns on who will cook rice, do the dishes, the washing and other household chores. We even fought about the schedules if not properly followed. However, I sometimes felt cheated especially when my eldest sister has her exam date. This is because I will be doing all her chores. Well, the perks of being the youngest. 

Doing household chores at a young age has taught me of being responsible, to be organized and how to do things systematically to be efficient. It also taught me how to get along with my sisters and how to designate tasks thru sharing of work and even asking for help so we could finish early and be able to watch our favorite shows or simply go outside to play with our neighbors like patintero, luthang, tumba lata, chinese garter and other Filipino traditional games.

The setting at home is much the same in the workplace. The department head could be your parent and your co-worker as siblings. Then I’ve learned that what we are at home will reflect of what we are in the workplace. This is why the foundation of a person starts at home and if rooted correctly, it will lead to being a successful person i.e. in life, career and relationship.

Aside from the chores, we were disciplined to wake up early even on weekends and because my mama believe that if “malakangan sa adlaw” or would mean waking up late you would be lazy. It was then I realized that indeed it is. Have you observed waking up early you feel like having full energy to do the tasks? And then you realize that you accomplish so much as compared to waking up late where it felt like your head is heavy and you feel tired even though you overslept.

As for handling finances, I remember my papa working as a driver in a buy and sell of corn products while my mama was at home attending to our needs. With the minimum salary of my papa, I couldn’t fathom how my mama managed it with us attending private school in elementary and college. It’s vivid to my memories how mama would think of ways to support papa. I remembered her cooking rice puto, sewing foot socks, buy and sell, do laundry services, sew curtains or pillows, make indoor slippers, and stuff toys.

Now, when I have a family of my own I realized how difficult it is to manage finances i.e. from food, paying utilities, education, and everything we need from head to foot. And more so raising a child. It takes mental and physical to be a parent, a jack of all trade.

I still even find it difficult now that both my husband and I were working. The difference though is before my parents are tight with money and cannot readily provide us what we need and sometimes we make do of what is available. Now, I could sufficiently provide my kids what they need. It was then I realized that the time is changing. To provide for the family and to give the best there is both of us should be working. Gone are the days when the wives are left at home.

Then it hits me that being a parent isn’t easy and what I did not understood before would be something I have learned now and appreciate when I became a parent.

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