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How to become a Financial Advisor at Sunlife

Piolo Pascual Sunlife PromisesI’ve just recently attended a Sunlife #LiveBrighter Forum wherein they have discussed the how to, benefits and history of Sunlife. Sunlife has been the first and oldest insurance company in the Philippines where it chartered in 1895. With SunLife, they aimed that every Filipinos should live a brighter life i.e. financial secure. Financial security comes in 4 stages which are the following:

  1. Getting Started – Independence is central for this period. Their careers are taking off along with the desire to experience everything that life has to offer. And this ambitious mind-set also shows in their financial goals such as investing and saving for life milestones such as buying a house or creating a wedding fund.
  2. Moving Up – Family is a top priority! They are concerned about health after working hard to achieve their goals. With their family’s future in mind, they need to sustain the household’s future income while saving and investing for education funds.
  3. Planning Ahead – Supporting both their parents and their own family, these added responsibilities highlight the need to ensure continuous support for their dependents. All while looking after their own financial concerns such as healthcare and retirement funding.
  4. Leaving a Legacy –Though they still keep up with the young ones, they simply want to give a better life for the next generation. Their priorities include spending time with loved ones and preserving wealth so they can pass it on without any burden.

As a mom, my priorities for my family are health, education, insurances and retirement. I have already started insurances for me and my husband since I believe that it is better to come prepared than just let the time flies without planning something.

So, the end result with the forum was that it thrust me to become a Financial Advisor of Sun life. Why? To own my time that is earning while attending to my kids. As a working mom, it is my dream now to be a hands on mom i.e. attending to their needs, be their yaya and be able to do what mom needs to do without sacrificing anything or be in dilemma to choose between family and work. With the words of encouragement of Ms. Franchette Mejia, I too can own my time and be able to work full time with Sun Life with its amazing benefits. Not only does it gives satisfactory benefits but also a fulfillment to be able to help others live a brighter life.

See below minimum checklist on the road to financial freedom by being a Financial Advisor of Sunlife:

  • Take the Insurance License at Insurance Commission
    • Fee: 1545 each for Traditional and VUL
  • Get an NBI clearance
  • 1×1 ID with yellow background
  • completely filled up ACR (Advisor’s Contracting Manual) form

For more info, just leave a message here or contact me. 🙂

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