Be a wise mom, Invest early

  • As mom, we would like to plan things ahead especially on the education of our kids. Being prepared is something that we must do so as not to experience what we had before i.e. some of us would experience working to support our education and other school needs. With the increasing tuition and inflation rate, most likely we could not afford our kids to get into college not unless we prepared ahead.
  • It is then recommended that we invest early. Invest on instruments that can beat inflation rate. And not be part of those percentage where most Filipino families that can’t afford to send their kids to college.

    If we can’t even afford to invest now, how would we even afford in the future not unless we do something today.

    Invest with Sunlife, they have been in this business for 123 years… You want to know more… send me a message here.

    **infographics credit to wise in money

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