The First CDO Bloggers Night with Cebupacific

This is the first Bloggers night with Cebupacific held at Guiseppe Pizzeria, Cagayan de Oro City.

Cebupacific is the largest carrier in Cagayan de Oro, where it flies 106flights weekly compared to other airlines. They also provide easier flight access straight to Narita via Cebu thru Cebu Connect.

Currently, Cebupacific has 67 aircraft fleet which they plan to add 45 brand new airbus and ATR aircraft by 2022. These additional brand new fleet features fuel efficient thereby reducing fuel consumption and consequential reduce carbon emission.

Also, they have new inflight menu (12 pre ordered meals) whereby the bestsellers are Ube langka and chicken inasal burrito.

CebuPacific is campaigning #MakeMomentsHappen to get every Juan experience the tourist attractions more affordable and accessible.

Moreover, CebuPac encourages The Juan Effect i.e. making the tourist attraction beautiful. Sustainable tourism program that aims to encourage to travel responsibly, to empower change everyday habit in making and/or maintaining the place beautiful, clean and waste free.

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