CDOBloggers Summer GMM at Seven Seas Waterpark

Ahoy Mate!
That rings in my ear as I entered into a pirate themed waterpark. It was a world class waterpark where you can similarly compare to Hongkong’s Disneyland. The facilities, the staff, and the food. It was like bringing you to the worlds you’d just seen on T.V. and/or wished for.

I was glad I joined the CDOBloggers’ Summer GMM which was hosted by Seven Seas Waterpark by Engr. Elpidio Paras, the brains behind the world class waterpark within Northern Mindanao, and the first I believe as a world class waterpark in the Philippines. And they have a lot in store for us especially the mommies… I believe they are cooking something for toddlers and the requests of the Seniors. Yes! They will be opening in the night time soon and more facilities where toddlers could enjoy and mommies too.
Also, the CDOBloggers has a lot in store for you too… Just you wait…

What’s inside the world class waterpark? Take a peek…

Have you been to the Seven Seas Waterpark? If not, let’s tour around.

Seven Seas Waterpark Entrance

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