Cheapest HMO (annual) in Cagayan de Oro City

Are you also looking for the cheapest HMO in Cagayan de Oro? The cheapest in annual payments? Yes! You heard it right that is annually.

You can find the cheapest annual HMO in one of the best cooperatives in Cagayan de Oro i.e. FICCO and OIC. I have been a member of both and they are offering HMO.

FICCO has three variations in its HMO i.e. the 2700, 7800 and 11400 annual. See image for the details on each variations.


The HMO includes consultation of which I personally tried. Also, the premium can be thru installments thru loan approval.

The downside though is that it only caters for now to these four major hospitals namely;

Maria Reyna Hospital | Capitol University | Madonna & Child Hospital | COMC

Also, the coverage is not that big of a sum however it would definitely be something to ease the burdens. The latest now is that they offer HMO for kids or 18 years and below. For 2,200 your kids are covered with 25,000 for the whole year.

For OIC, what they have is a family HMO of which everyone in the family are covered however the coverage is only 25,000 for the whole family with less than 3k annual premium.

The offers of these cooperatives re: HMO would somehow ease the financial burdens when sickness comes. With bigger coverage, it would imply a bigger premiums.

With Sunlife’s Sun Fit and Well, the coverage I have is 500k with other benefits that focus more on health i.e. during diagnosis, while treated and after i.e. rehabilitation or palliative care. This health insurance offers a comprehensive life and health protection, giving comfort and peace of mind in times of great distress caused by a serious illness. Yes! this type of insurance is complimentary to my existing HMO.

You can know more of this from @BrighterLifeCDO (Facebook page).

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