Jollitown Theme Park – newest addition to Kiddie Party Themes

Jollitown Theme Park is the latest addition to Jollibee’s growing line up of fun Kiddie Party Themes – Jollirace, Fairytale Land and Hello Kitty Fun Carnival. For most kids, visiting a theme park is definitely one of the most exciting and memorable experiences and we want to bring this joyful experience to our Jollibee Kids Party. We imagine Jollitown Theme Park to be the most fun destinations for kids and this newest theme offering would definitely give the most unforgettable birthday which kids can only get from the jolliest place closest to their hearts, Jollibee.

This is why I truly love Jollibee. They continuously build ideas to make one’s birthday celebration a memorable one! True to their tag lines #BidaAngSaya you definitely see happiness in a child’s eyes when they see Jollibee (He is a bee who is friendly and helpful. He also has a strong sense of justice) and other characters like:

  • Twirlie. A girl who is very talented and good at acting, singing and dancing. Her theme color is Violet.
  • Mr. Yum. A tech-savvy boy. Likes experimenting and building things. His theme color is Indigo.
  • Hetty Spaghetti. The cheerleader. She is always ready to surprise and make everyone happy. Her theme color is Pink.
  • Popo Potato. A kid who is active and sporty, and encourages everyone to try their best. His theme color is Light Blue.

Not only limited to one but various characters that you may fit to your kids character too. The character and theme together brings out a memorable, exciting, joyful and fun activities in a party celebration! Not only for kids but to the parents as well because seeing their kids happy is also their happiness.

For Jolly parties inquiries, visit their website ( or visit any Jollibee stores.

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