ELEVATE Advanced Sales Training

Had an opportunity to joined an advanced sales training with Elevate Results Training and Consulting last July 31 held at Dynasty Hotel. It was supposed to be a 4-hour learning session but we had extended until 6pm.

I was so glad I made this choice to join and for my friend who introduces this to me.. With an entrepreneurship mindset (as a Financial Advisor/Property Investment Endorser), I knew I had to do something and the first thing that comes in mind is self-improvement in the sales aspect.

No words can describe how much I had fun listening and learning. The speaker was witty, knows his topic well and he engages the participants with much enthusiasms that we had to take part also not only to him but also to other participants. In between, he would let us practice what we had learned thereby the learning retention was there.

He had not only to share what he had learned also from the world-class speakers but also solidifies it with his personal experiences. He captivated us with his humble beginnings and amazed at what he had achieved and of where he stumbled and roared.

What this sales training had taught me was…

I have learned that selling is an art. It is not manipulation but of persuasion through listening and asking the needs. It is also about creating solid relationship i.e. having to care and giving importance of their needs, appreciating and motivating them also — to be an adviser, not a salesperson. Let it be relational, not transactional because, in the end, it is all about my mission and not merely due to commissions thereby creating depth to what I do.

I personally recommend this training. And really I had used the techniques he shared other than my business matters but also in my personal life (how I need to win my husband… yeah the persuasion part) and in my workplace also as an IT Professional (buy out, to get approval).

Also, the speaker was gracious enough to have provided us the materials in how we can jumpstart our sales skill to maximum potential.

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