Smart and Safer Cities with Seagate and Dahua

Smart and Safer Cities. This is what I was looking forward to here in our very own city – Cagayan de Oro. As a mom, having a safer city is our priorities especially now that the kids are growing. Moreover, the City has been growing rapidly from businesses to real estate that we need to have these technologies that would give us advantages in making our City safe and smart from these bad people roaming around.

How do we deal with this? 

I believe Cagayan de Oro has already started of ways to bring in technologies to make our City safe through installing cameras in traffic lights . However, it may lack the word ‘SMART’ i.e. not yet sophisticated where it should be able to automatically monitor and control traffic, be able to detect faces and abnormal behavior, license plate recognition and traffic violation detection. All these can be done by Dahua Technologies and Seagate.

As I attended the Smart City Surveillance Seminar, I know we can bring in smart and safer city here in Cagayan de Oro. However, we may have to struggle first in its implementation and how we be able to address these concerns:

First, how would be able to afford such. I do not know how the officials in Cagayan de Oro be able to get the budget.

Second, we may have to address existing government policies and rulings example on Data Privacy Act. And will we ever be able to put all the profiles in a database for the face detection to be able to work. Also, how to build the data for the people and the vehicles.

Third, the storage for all this information. These entails huge capacity of storage.

For now, I will pose these concerns to the city officials to work on which I also believe these have probably been discussed.

But Dahua Technologies in partnership with Seagate also have other offers not only for the city but for the businesses and private sectors which is wildly thinking of having a mini city within the city, Dahua Technologies and Seagate is just for you.

Or simply to those who needs to protect their assets, businesses and their loved ones.


Seagate, a world leader in storage solutions, creates space for the human experience by innovating how data is stored, shared and used. Learn more at Follow Seagate on Facebook (SeagatePH), Instagram, Twitter, Linkedin, Spiceworks, Youtube and subscribe to their blog.

Dahua (Dahua Technology), a world-leading video-centric IoT solution and service provider, is a world-leading video-centric smart loT solution and service provider. Based on technological innovations, Dahua Technology offers end-to-end security solutions, systems, and services to create values for city operations, corporate management, and consumers. Committed to the mission of “Enabling a safer society and smarter living”, Dahua Technology will adhere to the core value of “customer-centered”, provide the market with excellent quality and service to create more value for customers and make unremitting efforts to build a safe, intelligent, convenient and efficient society.


Smart cities are, as a concept, safer cities.
Urban officials dream of a future of “Smart Cities” to use new technologies to gather comprehensive data and algorithms to achieve increased efficiency, sustainability, and safety. Many of these technologies involve cameras running 24/7 and enormous data storage that can be tasked with jobs that range from keeping track of traffic to monitoring peace and order in the city.

With the increasing need for safety and security, Seagate and Dahua Technology teamed up to deliver the next highly intelligent video surveillance servers with DAHUA IVSS and Skyhawk AI addressing both safety and sustainability.

Smart City, Safe Living with DAHUA IVSS


  • Face recognition
  • Abnormal behavior detection
  • License plate recognition
  • Traffic violation detection
  • + Mobile enforcement (location detection and video footage sharing to security centers)

Dahua’s smart city solution provides an integrated platform and intelligent technologies to ensure cities are well guarded and efficiently run through the use of surveillance technology. It’s newly launched DAHUA IVSS has enhanced features like cutting edge Face recognition which boasts 99.8% accuracy, Abnormal Behavior Detection, License Plate Recognition, and Traffic Violation Detection.  This unified safe City platform tasked with unified command and centralized data storage can provide rapid emergency response or cross-department information sharing among authorities.

Dahua Technology also provides Mobile Enforcement that enables location detection and video footage sharing to security centers via 3G/4G for faster and more accurate action.

Dahua solution provides good quality video images and smart detection in any weather conditions which has been proven to be both efficient and effective after being widely used in many cities.

Data Storage for AI-Enabled Surveillance 

Seagate understands the unique data storage challenges of providing the safe city highly intelligent video surveillance servers, hence created SkyHawk and SkyHawk AI, the first drive created specifically for artificial intelligent enabled video surveillance solutions.

SkyHawk AI provides bandwidth and processing power to manage always-on, data-intensive workloads, while simultaneously analyzing and recording footage from 64 HD cameras and support 16 AI cameras with minimized dropped frames, reduced downtime, and can withstand 24/7 operations. Equipped with Seagate ImagePerfect AI firmware, it can record high quality, sharp video footage while simultaneously facilitating AI-enabled NVR analytics that ensures files gathered through video surveillance are properly stored and easily accessible.

The SkyHawk storage capacity ranges from 1 TB up to 14 TB with a workload capacity of 180 TB per year while SkyHawk AI can withstand up to 550 TB workload per year.

Dahua Technology made an early start in AI applications and has since made several achievements in the industry with the launch of their IVSS series. Through this partnership, Seagate’s advanced technology complements Dahua’s data storage challenges with its advanced video analytics features. In addition, this strategic partnership between Dahua and Seagate can boost the AI application across the surveillance industry.

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