Book Review: Heartbreaks and Breakthroughs

Heartbreaks and breakthroughs is a book authored by Bettina Carlos. The book is about her personal experience of heartbreaks and breakthroughs in life. And this bool is also for those asking why and finding the “who” who is sovereign of all whom she calls Dr.  G or Doctor God. The story tells about the Lord through our lives and how God uses her heartbreaks to breakthrough her stoned heart. Ms. Carlos wrote the book as she wants to let everyone know that God is good. That whatever pain we all have now had its purpose. We need to lean on with Jesus.

Heartbreaks and Breakthroughs ABC

About the author of Heartbreaks and Breakthroughs

“Bettina is the mother of Amanda Lucia or Gummy. For 16 years she pursued a career in television as an actress, host, and cook in a cooking show. In 2011, she started a home-based baking business to make ends meet as she became a single mom that same year. Being a confessed workaholic back then, she decided to let go of TV work when she fell ill in 2006. She took her illness as a wake-up call from the Lord to reassess her priorities. So she chose to focus on being mother to Gummy, trusting God to be their Father-provider. She attends Christ’s Commission Fellowship (CCF) and is active in serving the church’s fitness and solo parents’ ministry. She is currently a full-time mom while overseeing the daily operations of the bakery-café she stewards, C Ki+chenry, at The Grove, Pasig. Bettina still prays to marry one day. You may follow         her daily devotions and cooking show on Instagram @abettinacarlos.”

The book was released September 2019 and categorized as testimonial. The book tells about forgiveness and single parenting. And it is targeting the general public, women, and solo parents.


“Being a SOLO parent may feel like you’re carrying a cross of SOLITUDE, STIGMA, and SUFFERING. But take heart, Bettinna Carlos prays that single parents (and even going through tough times) will see how God always has a good purpose for everything He allows to happen in your life. Rest in your role knowing that you are not alone in this journey. Be encouraged and see how HEARTBREAKS CAN LEAD TO BREAKTHROUGHS.”

A personal review will follow. Stay tuned! I need to read the book first. Thanks for dropping by.

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