Hesitations: Homeschooling or Virtual Learning in Cagayan de Oro

In light of this pandemic-COVID19, will homeschooling be the new trend in Education in Cagayan de Oro? I have a lot of realizations including the welfare of my children in the area of education. Summer is about to end and there have been talks about whether the school opening will happen in June 2020. I recently also received a survey on this matter. As also confirmed from DepEd’s website, their official statement says,

“The law provides that school opening shall start on the first Monday of June but not later than the last day of August. The responses favor any day in August as the preferred opening of the school year.

DepEd is conducting a much bigger survey of more than 700,000 respondents, not only on the opening of the school year but also matters related to social distancing; and online classes, cellphone, television, or radio as alternative or complementary approaches to learning. The results will come out in a few days.”

With this announcement and the recent updates (extension of ECQ), there’s more likely late August in 2020 for the school opening. And DepEd’s statement triggers me to consider homeschooling or home-based learning

“It will be recalled that at the height of the Marawi uprising, our call was “education must continue!” In the midst of the Coronavirus crisis, our call remains the same: Education must continue whether face-to-face or virtual, with or without physically going to school.”

Now, my concern is how will I and my child cope with that.

Virtual learning is something new so here’s my hesitation:

  1. Learning from home and from a classroom environment is different.
      • How can I make my home seems like a classroom environment where they can focus. Having a toddler and a grade-schooler in the house wouldn’t that make a mess? 
  1. No authority figure.
      • It is somehow different if the authority figure is there physically. And somehow the teacher cannot see the bird’s eye view of what really is the student doing. Now, this leads me to question: Can I trust the people living in the house to manage this, or if work from home is still in effect could I possibly manage to oversee my children and me working at the same time?

So, what is this Virtual Learning? 

According to Veronica Racheva of  Vedamo,

“Virtual learning is a learning experience that is enhanced through utilizing computers and/or the internet both outside and inside the facilities of the educational organization. The instruction most commonly takes place in an online environment.”

So, for me to be able to address this concern. I wanted to try homeschooling. What problems will arise if I do this in the future? I should be able to make my child have an introduction to a virtual classroom. Or generally, how will this change affect my children’s notion of ‘school’.

With this, I have decided to join a Facebook group from Cagayan de Oro for homeschooling. The group, Homeschool with Teacher Ruby, has had their 1st session yesterday (April 28 via live FB) which tackled Homeschool or Home-based (What’s the difference). My expectation while joining this is for me to be able to grasp what homeschooling is. What would I expect from the person I hire and what would be my role? Will this put more pressure on me as a working mom?


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